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Stupid People

Having a job introduced me to the dregs of society. It introduced me to the stupid people who are, for some reason, let out of the attic to get some crap from McD's or wreak havoc and Old Navy looking for a fucking tank top. If I hadn't put up a mental block on those eight months in the drive-thru at McD's I would write a post, nay a novel, bitching about them. But other than a bad dream every once and a while, I don't think about it. So today I'll be more specific in my rant.

The extra special people who can't put a fucking cart back.

I currently work at a medium sized Old Navy that, to cater to the lazy bitches, has some shopping carts in addition to the glorious mesh bags. There is no corral, they're just lined up (or piled up) on one side of the two entrances. First off, I don't understand why it is sooooo fucking hard to put the cart back as you walk out! But no, that's to hard. Fine. Leave it out of the way, I'll put it back. Oh, that's too hard? Fine. Yeah, go ahead, leave it right in front of my fucking register you lazy cow. WTFWHY?!! Like seriously? I can't even get over how fucking lazy and stupid that is.

Second extra special sauce person. Dude and a lady didn't go through my lane, but I hear them beeping on the way out.

Me: "It's the cart!"
Lady: "I know"
Me: '-_-

Most people would have taken the apocalyptic beeping that occurs when something goes out the door to mean that, well gee, maybe they don't want me to take this! Go fucking figure. So they have a couple bags, nothing the couldn't carry out themselves. I assume they're just lazy pricks and are walking to their car with it. That would have made more sense. Obnoxious, but more sensical. But no. They pull the cart through the doors, ignore the beeping, and leave it outside NEXT TO THE FUCKING DOOR! WHY?! I don't even know. Why take the cart that is obviously not supposed to go outside and park it three feet and a pane of glass away from where it's supposed to go? Like I really din't get why they took the cart outside, it was completely pointless. Unless they were deliberately trying to be obnoxious, which is entirely possible. It was just SO stupid.

Anwho, there are also annoying skanks who pull the carts into the fitting room (usually with all of five things), ask "can I leave my cart here?" yeah sure. *leaves it in the middle of the fucking FR* REALLY?! You couldn't pull it out of the way?

Yeah, and then people fill up carts with shit ten minutes before we close (we tell you we are closing if you walk in within ten minutes of close), don't have time to try anything on (duh) and leave it in the back of clearance so we don't fin it until the morning. Fucking pain in my ass.


Peanut M&M's are my favorite


I am having way too much trouble figuring out what to do for school, or rather with the rest of my life. i love baking and I feel like that is what I want to do, but I also would love to go to a great school and push my intellectual boundaries in math and science! I love baking and I know I could make a career out of it, but with all my classmates immediately going off to four-year colleges in the fall, I feel kind of stupid. I don't feel good enough or smart enough because I'm only going to community college for a two-year in baking. It's not like I'm not intelligent or something, I know I am, I just don't know if I have the will to attempt something that might not amount to anything. At least the two-year in baking is cheaper, not much to lose if I don't finish. I love baking and all, I just don't know if I should settle on it.

workity work work

I'm going to try to not bitch too much, but I'm on the verge of getting super pissed! As much as I am glad to no longer work under the golden arches, to be free of shitty hours, boring co-workers and the rudest customers I have ever encountered, I'm worried I might have jumped from the frier into the frying pan. My first week was ok, even though I had no hours because my availability was messed up (said I could only work till noon even though I had put open) so i just picked up some shifts. My next week I was nearly maxed and was like "FUCK YAH!" I hardly notice the time go by because I have so much fun. The job itself is boring in and of itself, but my co-workers are amazing and make it worthwhile.

Cut to thursday when I get my schedule and have a mild hear attack.... only THIRTEEN hours! Turns out the super sweet GM was only a temp and the new one is implementing shorter (read: three hour) shifts. Now, this sucks ass for me cause I'll have barely any money and wont be able to move out anytime soon if this shit sticks, but the majority of my co-workers have rent to pay and small children to care for. How are the supposed to get by on less the 20 hours a week? Idk, I just hope that if I work my ass off I'll get more hours, cause I don't want to have to get a second job or be forced to leave, cause I really like it here.



I hate how people excuse 15-17 year olds from saying stupid, ungrammatical shit just because they're teenagers. I mean I'm 17, so I can relate (age wise, not money wise lol) to all these young starlets, but I don't say all this shit. And then when people talk shit in the comments about how they sound like vapid, ungrammatical dumbasses, you get the people who are all "oh, but she's only 16/17/18!" I went to a regular public high school, got decent grades but I don't speak like I'm hungover.

Also, since when is it ok at any age to go out looking like a prostitute (Taylor Momsen)? I don't hate her for it (I don't like her because she seems bratty and dumb), but come on! And again, people say "but I dressed like that when I was her age" or "tons of kids dress like that". Um, doesn't mean it's cute, or appropriate (for any age).

So yeah, put on some pants and do your english homework.


Fall Food

I just made the yummiest soup, everyone in the family loves it. I love that every week when I make the soup, it tastes a little different each time. Even though I always use the same ingredients, something is always a little different. I don't know, maybe it's how I cut the veggies.

For those who care, the recipe:

3 cartons veggie broth
3 cups water
Yellow squash
Butternut squash
2 jars Puttanesca sauce

Plus whatever else you have!

Writer's Block: Book review

What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?

Besides porn, there really isn't anything I can think of that should be banned from a high school library. When it comes to appropriate subject matter or themes, it should be the parents responsibility, not the school's, to censor what a minor reads. What is considered appropriate will vary from person to person, and I would not want someone else's views forced on me, or mine on them. This idea of a homogenous society is applied to so many issues, past and present, which I feel is ridiculous. Beyond general social norms (don't kill other people, bathe regularly (please), be polite, etc) we should be able to appreciate or at the vary least accept or tolerate the differences of opinions that people have. End rant.
I might post stuff, short stories and the like, if they ever pop into my head. Mostly though, I'm just here to read and get thoughts out when I need to.
Much Love,



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